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Since 2004 DMS International has been producing quality, low cost, hand held satellite finding meters.

If you are looking for a economical portable meter you have come to the right place.
We have several models to choose from.
There is a model to fit any price range and we can deliver in any quantity.



Each month we publish a worldwide satellite list that includes all known satellites and transponders, active and inactive, and we give it away FREE.

This list is invaluable for installers and hobbyists alike. The list shows which transponders are the newer DVB-S2 as well as the older DVB-S. This is great information for installers (or hobbyists) with older meters that do not get the DVB-S2 signal. You can use your old meter on any DVB-S transponders to align your dish and it will be aligned for the DVB-S2 signals as well. This alone makes our list a valuable tool.

This project is funded by generous donations from companies, installers, hobbyist and interested parties. You can help keep this project alive by donating.

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