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dms-ships1.pngDMS International is the oldest and most recognized and trusted provider of cost effective solutions for satellite and cable hardware resellers, installers, operators and organizations.

Providing quality cable and FTA Satellite equipment to Authorized DMS International Resellers.  If you buy FTA satellite equipment for resale, this is the place to buy it.  We offer the lowest prices on the products we sell and we warranty what we sell.  We offer after warranty repair services on our products.

Distributors, dealers, resellers, operators and wholesalers are welcome to contact us directly.

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Android + DVB-S2 satellite receiver with tons of features.
Watch this slideshow to find out more.

Great receiver for every day use or for wild feed hunting.  Don't know about wild feed hunting?  Here is a great place to learn.

SYNOQ SR1 High Def Receiver with built in Wifi!!!


SYNOQ SR1 High Def Receiver

Smallest 'power' receiver with High Def, DVB-S2, MPEG4, Embedded Wifi.

Don't let the small form factor fool you.  This is one powerful receiver.  This receiver comes with a external remote eye so the receiver can be placed out of site.  

Ethernet and WIFI Embedded allows you to connect to the internet easily.  MPEG4/H.264 HP@L4.1 HDTV 1080P and USB for Multimedia Player, PVR.

New LNBF Hoodie helps you avoid rain and snow problems

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Hear about us on the FTA Show

ftashow-btn1.pngDMS International sponsors the FTA Show heard on internet.  The FTA Show is about legal FTA, true FTA.  FTA stands for Free To Air.  These are channels you can receive by satellite without cost and do not require a subscription.  Listen to the show and find out what equipment you need, what you can receive, and many other details about legal FTA.

If you are new to FTA or if you just want to learn more about it, tune in to the FTA Show.  You can get all the shows on the internet or you can listen to the current show at specified times on satellite.

Current and past shows in Streaming Audio - Click here to listen